Power Solutions

Selecting the right power supply for your electrified access control solution is as important as the choices you make when choosing locking products, credentials and accessories.

Securitron power supplies offer accurate and reliable power for all types of access control, including options for applications where low-power sustainable locking solutions are desired. These products support single and multi-door configurations as well as entire building systems.

Our power supplies provide clean, filtered and accurate low voltage DC power to protect and enhance the performance ofaccess control devices.

  • Securitron EcoPower reduces standby power supply consumption by 99%; designed to work with low-power electrified access control devices.
  • Power over Ethernet extractors and injectors for integrated power and data
  • Linear power supply option for low noise and sensitive electronics
  • Switching power supplies are energy efficient, physically lighter, and a more cost effective solution for power today
  • Power transfers to assist in the secure transfer of power and data from the frame to electrified hardware on the door