Egress Solutions

Complete your access control system with the appropriate egress device for your application, whether you need an exit device, PIR request to exit, push plate, push button - or a custom solution. 

Selecting the appropriate request to exit for your application ensures building occupants can safely exit the building. We offer a variety of easy-to-install, safe and reliable options to meet the code requirements in your jurisdiction. 

  • Exit devices including paddles and lever trim; exit bars with electric latch retraction
  • Passive Infrared Request to Exit (PIR) devices with Request to Exit (REX) output
  • Push buttons and push plates with a variety of options, including integrated timers
  • Delayed egress systems help keep occupants safe and may prevent property loss or theft
  • Touch sense devices operate with a light touch, making egress easy for persons of all ages and abilities
  • Alarm Controls specializes in providing customized products with short lead times